L’évaluation des services écologiques dans les études d’impacts environnementales sud-africaines: revue d’études de cas dans le secteur minier

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« The Valuation of Ecosystem Services in South African Environmental Impact Assessments: Review of Selected Mining Case Studies and Implications for Policy », article de Joël Houdet (Synergiz) et Claudious Chikozho (Observatoire de la Region Urbaine de Gauteng – GCRO), vient d’être publié dans la revue « Journal of Corporate Citizenship ». Pour acheter l’article: http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/glbj/jcc/2015/00002015/00000060/art00007.

Abstract: « Though the South African Mining and Biodiversity Guidelines were designed as a practical, user-friendly manual for integrating biodiversity considerations into the planning processes and managing biodiversity during the operational phases of a mine, from exploration through to closure, they do not specify exactly how ecosystem services can be assessed, in both non-monetary and monetary terms. The guidelines also do not indicate how the results of such assessments can be used in a meaningful way from the perspective of the mining sector and relevant stakeholders. This has led some mining houses and environmental impact assessment practitioners to explore ecosystem services valuation on a voluntary basis, going beyond legal requirements. Through the analysis of several case studies, this paper provides a critical analysis of how valuation of ecosystem services can be used to better inform mining project appraisal and management in South Africa. After discussing the main potential approaches to the valuation of ecosystem services within the mining life-cycle, we focus our attention on emerging valuation practices within the scope of environmental impact assessments and highlight the benefits and limitations of non-monetary and monetary valuation. We conclude by proposing the development of standardized guidelines and associated databases for assessing the net social and environmental impacts of mining in both non-monetary and monetary terms. Specific recommendations and research needs are also highlighted, towards producing information systems which would meaningfully link biophysical and economic data and enhance the decision-making capacity and leadership of mining companies, regulators and their stakeholders. »

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