Congress on urban resiliency : 28-30 of May 2010

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ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) organises, in cooperation with the City of Bonn (Germany) and other organisations, the first congress on urban resiliency and adaptation to climate change “Resilient Cities 2010”.

The Congress will be held on 28-30 May 2010 in Bonn, Germany, preceding the UN climate talks in Bonn, which are scheduled for 31 May – 11 June 2010.

This first edition aims at sharing the latest scientific findings, effective approaches and state-of-the-art programs on climate change adaptation and resilience-building in cities and urbanized areas.

Partners will share knowledge and exchange experiences on a variety of themes :

  • Urban Risk Assessment – Methods and Tools
  • Socio-Economic and Institutional Dimensions
  • Strategy, Policy Integration and Mainstreaming
  • Urban Adaptation Planning and Practice
  • Costs and Financing of Urban Climate Change Adaptation
  • Technologies for Adaptation of Settlements and Infrastructure

(See the detailed program here :


Case examples of local adaptation practice on all six themes will illustrate approaches and experiences.

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