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« EcoCommerce 101 – The emergence of an invisible hand to sustain the Bio-Economy » offers practical ways to look at payments for ecosystem services. With agriculture as a prime example, author Tim Gieseke makes use of actual and visionary examples of how cooperation between leaders in business, agriculture, government and ecology can lead to the emergence and generalization of ecoservices markets.


Through abundant case studies, Tim explains:
• What are the various ecoservice markets emerging in the USA ;
• How to integrate commodity and EcoCommerce objectives;
• What are the major barriers, challenges and opportunities to the widespread development of ecoservice markets;
• The various components of an effective ecoservice market : creating value in exchange, identifying marginal ecoservice values, secure property rights, trading mechanisms and elements;
• The different types of ecological indices in use or development;
• How farmers can develop financially-viable ecoservices portfolios.

EcoCommerce principles applied to urban ecosystems and other business activities, such as retailing or water services, could mean the emergence of a truly-green global economy; one which would be based on investing in ecosystem management and restoration.

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  1. EcoCommerce 101 is now in ebook format. Go to; click [Buy Here]; choose eformat; and use promo code [CompCopy]. It is good until June 30th.

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